the benefits of school life

school life benefits both schools and parents

A Time Saver

The number of tasks that require our attention on any given day means that our time is becoming increasingly precious. ‘School Life’ is designed to make your day easier and save you time by integrating multiple tasks into one friendly and efficient package. Different permissions or levels of access ensures the correct, or relevent information is shown to the right audience or individual every time. Whether that be the general public, the parents or guardians, teachers, goveners, administrators or the head teacher. The system can also be managed and kept up to date with similar ease.

As soon as content is added or updated and published, it becomes instantly available on both the mobile app and the website. This coupled with a flexible messaging system able to send to groups or to a single person makes it a very poweful tool. It can be accessed from absolutely anywhere too, either on an Apple™ or Android smartphone using the mobile app, or via the Web with any device that has access to the Internet.

Asking The Right Questions

We canvased several Schools and were advised that a school could spend at least a £1000 per year on SMS alone (text messaging). After further enquiry we determined the cost of existing services to a typical school.

Compare these with the ‘School Life’ services and the financial benefits are obvious. Anyone who has to manage all or part of a budget will always want the money to go further, to get more value. This is where could really help your organisation get more for less using our ‘School Life’ system.

Some of the Features

  • A mobile app, website and management system that run in unison
  • Intuitive drag & drop administration interface
  • Targeted messages to groups or individuals
  • Calendar function for events & notable dates
  • Separate email & newsletter creation and distribution systems
  • Individual documents/policies & gallery management sections, plus more!
  • Create unlimited online forms such as consent and sickness forms

Find out here how much your schools funds will be cut by 2019

We can help you make a start on combating this problem by utilising the School Life communication platform




£2500 Annually

  • Which Includes..
  • SMS Messaging
  • Email Messaging
  • Website Hosting
  • Mobile Website/Mobile App
  • Newsletter Printouts