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In an age of digital and mobile evolution, ‘School Life’ aims to revolutionise the way Schools interact and communicate with their communities. With a growing media driven audience, it’s important for Schools to communicate an accurate, timely message, throughout all of it’s communication channels, preferably simultaneously.

With valuable feedback from teachers and parents alike (many of us here are parents too!), we have created an environment that can not only showcase an individual School, but which can also send all information securely and precisely to only the intended group/s or individual/s.

We canvased several Schools and were advised that on average, a School could spend in the region of £1000 to £1500 per year on text messaging alone, then factor in the costs and environmental impact of producing out dated printed media and it gets expensive. However the biggest factor with educators was, and always will be, limited time.

‘School Life’ is a unified system able to handle and organise all of your communications, news, files and schedules, and all from an intuitive management & administration area.

Not every School has a mobile app, not every School has a dedicated website, but you can, plus much more! We are always looking out for improvements and new features are still being added.

Freecom have come up with a system that can take care of everything. Compared to your existing solutions it could save you time and money, freeing people up to concentrate on more important things – the people on the ground, the educators and the community the school serves.

Technology has come on in leaps and bounds, and so have peoples expectations. This is why Freecom has created this community platform, one dedicated to specifically handle the needs of educational institutions.

Our one simple solution can take care of all of your services at less cost with less time and effort.

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A leading UK business ISP

Freecom specialises in providing businesses and start-up companies with a range of ISP services, fromWebsites, E-mail and Domain Names, through to broadband and leased lines.

Having supported thousands of companies, many from their inception. We have learnt to deliver high quality services at affordable pricing. Freecom understands the importance of getting your web presence and connectivity right the first time.

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Software Developed In-house

Through years of experience and from listening to our customers we have produced a range of products suitable for all types of businesses. As and when the market changes, we’re also able to adapt quickly and pass on these benefits to our clients.

All the services Freecom provide are scalable, so as your business evolves and changes, we’ll still be able to support you along the way.